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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Now I'm THAT Plane In the Sky

Homesick or Sick of Home?
So many nights falling asleep watching the sky, watching the planes and wondering where they were to land?
Finally I'm on that plane home to America. After traveling after holiday this is my 8th plane ride this week.

Every start to a new adventure has ones you leave and ones you go to. I am very excited to go home to see family and loved ones and as I leave the ones I have grown so close to I can't help but reflect on my experience as a whole.

Everywhere you go there are similarities and differences to what you know. The relationships you make mold who you are and who you become.  As you travel you mature, as you meet people,you listen to their stories, you take bits from them and gives them your story.

 You learn about different people the way they live and evaluate the way you live. You learn...that family will always be here for you. You really appreciate the people you love. You don't need most of what you have.  You is the foundation of who you are.  You learn...about yourself and what it means to have meaningful conversations.  And you learn...God will always be with you wherever you go. 
I have had the adventure of a lifetime student teaching abroad and traveling, I am excited to see family and loved ones with a new lens on life and I am so blessed to have made friendships that will last a lifetime!

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  1. I'm so glad you had such an amazing journey and experience Erin!!! :D Also glad you're back in the U.S.A for a bit! :)