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Monday, November 25, 2013

T-Minus 3 Day Left in Korea!

I look left, I look right try to remember: "Where did the bus dropped me off?"
                                                               "Where did it pick me up?"
                                                               "What's the bus #?"
                                                               "When does the subway stop running?"
                                                               "What line do I to transfer?"
                                                               "Where I am going?"
                                                               "How is it pronounce?"
and the list goes on.

I have braved public transit, I have braved being a homeroom teacher of 2nd grade and 5th grade, I have braved climbing mountains, I have braved reading Korean, I have braved teaching English to refugees, I have braved booking trips, I have braved eating 3 forms of octopus and silk worms, I have braved student teaching ,I have braved traveling in a no English region of Japan, I have braved an almost sank ferry ride, I have braved 19 weeks of no income in a foreign country, I have braved having no car or cell phone, I have braved the world's largest church, I have braved temples, shrines, and gardens, I have braved a 15 HR time difference with people I love, I have braved loving kids with all I am, I have braved being lost but not losing my cool countless times, I have braved my first professional teaching interview, I have braved entering the international teaching community and being touched by every person who has come into my life! 

My last week in Korea? 
Wow! These events have helped mold me into the woman that will arrive in America on December 6th.

How is this all possible?
Support, support, support, Support, support, support, Support, support, support, Support, support.
Thank you!
To my God! (who loves me unconditionally and who created me just the way I am!)
TO my UNI advisor(who bent over backwards to help me adjust and challenged my teaching)
TO my amazing mentor teachers
To my family (who LOVE me and support me in EVERYTHING I do in life)
To my boyfriend (who makes me smile, helps me to better myself, and reminds me why I'm here)
To my friends (who LOVE me! Who no matter how much they want me home are happy for me)
To my KIS co-workers! (who have taken me under their wing and treated me as their own!)
And the list goes on!...

Thank you for an amazing experience of tears, Hoo-rays, 1st times, last times, laughter, realizations, opportunities, and personal/professional growth!

I couldn't have done it without everyone!!

God is good everyday!  And everyday, God is God! 

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