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Friday, September 6, 2013

The World of a Teacher.

"Talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work."
My head is above water so that is really quite impressive at this point.  Everyday it's like I'm diving head first into the deepest and most treacherous part of the ocean.  Planning and implementing best teaching practices in so many different subject ares is HARD work.  

But there are so many benefits of this great school that make it all worth it, like the constant free professional development at the Korean International School.  Especially regarding technology in the classroom and weekly trainings with world renowned EdTech specialists.  This is a great opportunity for me to get right into the mindset of using technology to enhances learning with specific efficient tactics.  
iPad photo editing! He is obviously loving every second of it. 

Examples of some of the 2nd graders fixed up and new building designs of their changed community:  "A Little Boy Cafe", "Lotte Hotel", "Alasken Airport", "Kaite's Hair Salon"  the list goes on.  

Our "checker" and "writer" are working together to match the correct community building to its proper lot in our community.  
"We Love our iPads" Our lids are up:) 
iPad exploration with Educreations: We are searching for animals on the web and entering text.  Next week we will use Educreations for our spelling word work.  

Our "presenters" are practicing their speech on how they decided to re-create their neglected community. 
My Free breakfast and lunch from our amazing PTO.  Score. 

He was smiling and loving this right before he knew I was taking a picture. 
Tidbits on Educational iPad Apps:

Apps by Grade

All Ages:
AnimotoBook CreatorComicBook,  DictionaryExplainEverything,
Pages, Photobooth, PuppetPalsScreenChompSock PuppetsSongify,
Pre K:
ABC Magnetic Alphabet Lite, Baby Butterfly, Clifford's Be Big with Words,
Coloring, DoodleBuddyEtch A Sketch, FW Sampler, Harold & the Purple Crayon,
Story MouseSuper Why!

ArthmeTickBrainPopChicktionaryCursiveCursive PracticeDoodle Buddy,
Ed Emberely Shake & MakeEtch A SketchGo Away Big Green MonsterKids Blocks,
Math BingoSC MatchSentence BuilderSingaporeMath2Story Mouse,
Super Why!TeachMe, Telling Time
BrainPop, CreationaryDoodleSprintEasel AlgebraEd Emberely Shake & Make,
FractionsiLiveMath AsiaMad LibsMagic School Bus Oceans,MathSnacks HD,
Math BingoMotionMathMy Math AppPresidents vs. AliensRocketMathRuler,
SAS Flash Cards, ScribblenautsSketchman HDSkramblerSingapore Math3,
Singapore Math4Singapore Math5, Toon Tool Kit, Where's My Water?WordSearch

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