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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Language Versus the Lottery? 화장실이 어디 있어요

This picture is a pretty good description of what it's like here most of the time.  I haven't learned the language yet and it's a huge disadvantage anyway you look at it.  In the picture above I could guess what is going on maybe families are going on vacation, site seeing, and so on but it's from mere OBSERVATION. If nothing else after living in Korea for about a months and a half so far I have learned to be an expert observer.
 In a public settings I feel separated from the Koreans not only because they tend to stare at me a few seconds over a comfortable level but because the language skills aren't there and makes communication of any kinda very difficult.  And when I am in need of help with directions it's like winning the LOTTERY when I start talking they understand and can help me.  If they can help the Koreans I have asked already try to help which is a blessing. 

Analysis: So thankful they have English translation on a lot of public transit, so thankful I can still read the numerical value of numbers, and my judgement of others from here on out who are going through a language barrier will be obsolete. And when people need help with English they are going to win the lottery with my help!  

Action Plan: I am starting my Learning Korean 101 class through my new English speaking church next Sunday! Hooray! 

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  1. Good luck learning Korean in a couple months but it will be better than nothing! I am proud of you for taking the initiative of enrolling in the language course! Multiple, multiple times in Proverbs, Solomon talks about TRUE WISDOM (which is more precious and desired than rubies) results from LISTENING and quieting our loud mouths. I am happy to see you are practicing listening and oberserving skills :-)