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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Visualize Surrounding Areas of Seoul!

My Life of Exploration and Learning- 

Incheon Grand Bridge- On the way back from the airport at I was dazed and confused.  My memory of the bus ride to Pangyo was as foggy as the weather outside.  The Incheon Bridge is South Korea's longest spanning cable-stayed bridge.  The Incheon Bridge is the world's seventh longest cable-stayed bridge.

Traffic in Seoul and surrounding areas is pretty heavy at all times.  There are HUUUGGEE benefits to taking public transit which include not having to take a trip to the U.S. Embassy to get a license, avoiding navigating the odd rules of the road like "stoptional" stop lights and signs,  no signals, and others.  Public transportation like the bus or subway are very inexpensive, quick, and easy.  For all most public transit you can get a T-Money card similar to a credit card which you load money onto, so you can easy transfer money from your bank or cash onto this card and use it for most all transportation and convenient stores. 
One interesting aspect of eating out is in South Korea you do not tip your waiters, which is why eating out is a but more expensive.  Also at most sit down restaurants I have been to you go up to the counter to pay so its definitely a different experience but I kinda like it.   One teacher I was eating with said he was going to "take this concept back" with him to the states (of not tipping) I advised him against that one.

Buses also get there own lane lots of time on highways and such.  
Interesting items in the Seoul Museum of History (of the Joseon dynasty)
In Insa-Dong some people I was with ate ice cream out of these long popcorn-Captain Crunchish tubes. People sell odd things to make a buck.  Also so far dessert has been relatively hard to find and so far has not been served with meals only on rare occasions  and potion sizes are a lot smaller because everyone shares food.  
From now on I am avoiding Cosco at all costs!! It is a crazy mad house and the only place to actually read in english what you are buying but even though you get to take the guess work out of shopping I personally do not think the (non excuse me culture, they literally have no word for excuse me) push and shove, bulk buying, everything in one stop shop is worth going back to.  
Cute little nook and cranny places everywhere you go. 

The police rarely hand out tickets.  About 1% of the time they ticket people for all this illegal parking on the streets.  I think it's because they know there is such a shortage of parking in Seoul and surrounding areas.  

Here is a prime example of modernity and tradition in one area.  Such a beautiful variety.  

Insa-Dong my favorite place so far, it was not too crowded comparatively with other public market places.  It was more of a music, shopping, calm, and artsy place to enjoy.  

Mt. Bugaksan outside Gwanghwamun Gate

Gyeonghoeru Pavilion- (National Treasure of South Korea #224)
My first famous Korean BQQ experience and if your waiting for the BQQ sauce for the "Korean Barbecue" you will be waiting awhile.  "Korean Barbecue"  just means you grill it all yourself and they give you the fixings it was extremely delicious.  

Steve and my new KIS Teacher friends: Ashley the Pre-K teacher and Natasa the Kindergarden teacher :) Great people.  We are out to eat out after church.

Thanks for sharing my life with me:)

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  1. God is so good! The pictures are professional quality. Great way to update your blog- only pics- changing it up a bit. Wish I was there!