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Friday, August 16, 2013

Sometimes Nights Don't Always Go As Planned.

"If we don't grow, we don't change, if we don't change we really aren't living."

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Me at the beginning of my Friday Night Adventure


Me at the end of the Night Adventure.  

To make a long story short, I was suppose to meet up with my teacher friends.   I had never done the bus system and subway system by myself but I had done it two times with other people as guides so I was ready to embark on my adventure to meet my colleagues out at a venue in Sunae-dong where most of them live.  About a 35 minute commute.  I take the Bus to Migeum Station then there I get on the subway two stops to my destination at Sunae then to find my destination on the second level of the buildings.  Well I made it (A BIG DEAL) to the right area and followed my directions but the exact location was no where to be found.  What I did do once I go to Sunae was this:  Walked 15 city blocks looking for the area, talked to 10 young Koreans asking directions (1 girl tried to look it up on her phone, 1 boy said I need to learn Korea, 1 girl asked if I was looking for my car, and the rest thought I was an alien  speaking gibberish). #foreigner   
Needless to say I did not find the ladies I was looking for although I kept my eyes peeled for 3 hours of wandering with a purpose.!  

Although I did not find who I was looking for I was safe and I'm very proud that God gave me the safety and the courage to try something new with confidence on my own to be that Midwest Girl taking chances and not being afraid of the change in environment, language, customs, etiquette, and all of thee above.   

If you are afraid of change you're Really not Living.  Change comes in all different shape and sizes.  Change gives you a chance to get to know yourself and rely on God for direction and comfort.  

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  1. It seems, as though, when wandering searching intently for something, that God becomes the most REAL. When we are in our comfort zone, God gets put on the side because "I can do it by myself, God. I got this. I don't need your counsel or direction." BIG mistake. I encountered a similar experience multiple times while abroad.

    I always need God and should be relying on Him always. Congrats on stepping out of your comfort zone so that you would realize that God is good and truly shelters with His love every single day. Erryday erryday, erryyday.