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Sunday, August 11, 2013

School on a Saturday??..

No no no, I guess I miss lead you there is no school on Saturdays BUT we were required to go into school as a work day.  

School starts tomorrow August 12th and my mentor teacher and I have 15 kids in our second grade classroom with a theme of: "Set Sail For Learning in Class 2A".

On Saturday we went into school to finish preparing our classrooms which we have been working on for two weeks now. We also had Professional Development on our new Writer's Workshop resource going into effect the second week of school after our assessments, running routines, and "get to know" you classroom community activities.  

I advocate for Lucy Calkins's Writer's and Reader's Workshop! Writer's workshop is a great K-5th resource.  It really uses the students' personal experiences and breaks down master writers' techniques (like that of Jane Yolen in Owl Moon) step by step to help make our student writers into master writers by thinking critically about their experience and looking at their "gold" writing through special lenses. 

A good YouTube video to demonstrate part of the beginning of Writers's Workshop in younger grades:

For Math we use Everyday Mathematics as a resource for our teaching. I still have to look into it more but so far looks like a great open ended resource.  This material isn't a curriculum it's a source for learning because the standards are the curriculum and the books, teacher guides, ect. are means we can use to guide our teaching with the end result in mind. #thoughtfulplanning :)

I'm convinced God hand picked my mentor teacher for me because she is energetic  innovative, techy, experienced, straight forward, and passionate about teaching. The openness of her philosophy of teaching really allows me to come into her classroom and implement my own ideas for the bettering of the students.  She is more than willing to turn the class over to me and my ideas!  This is my mentor teacher's 21st year of teaching and this 21 year old is very exciting to soak up everything I can from her while also integrating my spin on education. 

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  1. Sounds like a pretty awesome set up Miss Hutchins.