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Saturday, August 31, 2013

"Miss Hutchins I like to see you up on the STAGE!"

My first four weeks of teaching! 
So to recap I have been extremely busy and as my close friends and family know my experiences so far have been nothing short of a roller coaster ride! 

In the classroom I have been teaching Everyday Math for the past two weeks, my unit on Communities for the past week, and sentence editing for the past three weeks.  I have also been assisting with all other subjects since day one.  Monday I take over every aspect of teaching in the classroom.  
So far I’m loving teaching math, there are so many clever and engaging math games and tactics to remember strategies and concepts, it is really growing on me.  It also helps I have a lot of Korean students who are natural math experts and intrinsically motivated.     
For my Communities Unit it uses a whole different side of the brain and is a whole different type of teaching.  There are a lot more discussions, connections, and it really takes an observant 2nd grader to be able to grasp the concepts of a community, the different types and changes, and who is in your community. So far they have done a great job, especially because these student have has SOO MANY difference experiences with travel and city life.  Two things I am hoping to really hone in on this week are:  student engagement and student connections.  

As a teacher you are not your students’ FRIEND and you are not their DRILL SERGEANT.  You are there to make sure they are developing, engaged, and instilling a passion for life long learning. I was done teaching for the day Friday and Mrs. Drake was about to teach Writer’s Workshop and one of my students said “”Nooo Miss Hutchins I like to see you take the stage, don’t go away!”  And then I knew, “yeah that’s a good feeling to know your students are learning from you and ALSO having fun.”  

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  1. haha I love that girl's KISS shirt. I am SO excited to hear that your students are being blessed by you as their teacher. It truly takes someone special to do what you are doing now and in your future career. Have no doubts that you are exactly where God placed you... and I can't think of a better place to be <3