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Friday, August 2, 2013

Faculty or Family?

There are some difficult aspects of international teaching, especially when you did not bring your own family with you internationally.  One  difficultly is being away from your family. There are many hurtles to jump such as keeping in contact with your family (which includes staying up late or getting up early to have an over lapping awake time to Skype), missing their home cooked meals, and maintaining those relationships  which is difficult to do thousands of miles away.

BUT the Korean International School makes it so easy to make it feel like you are with people who care just as much as family.  Here your co-workers are working right along side you and are going through the same thing, you may EVEN mistake the faculty that you have known for 3 days for your supplemental family. That is the case for me.  They say that there are more social events for teachers in a week than you could even get the chance to attend.

For example: The school plans a plethora of activities for co-worker bonding and this helps the school climate and really fosters strong relationships between the teachers which trickles down to the motivation to be the best teacher and collaborative grade level planning teammate one could be.  

Below is the schedule for my first Saturday in Seoul.  It starts out with a Cosco grocery run at 7:30 AM ( Yaaaayy I will be able to read the labels)...(which is a great extra hour of sleep from my usual 4:4 AM wake up call), then the schedule is as follows to some great must sees in Seoul that is all put together by KIS and most new hire teachers will attend.  It should be a great site seeing and bonding experience. 

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  1. That is so awesome that the school plans these activities for the teachers! I feel like you are on Big Brother or some reality TV show haha "Be strong and courageous." Joshua 1:9