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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Big Girl Dress Up: Dress Cafe!?!?

One of the greatest childhood memories: playing dress-up, whether it was white gloves 4 sizes too big with the teal white laced prom gown thst a 6 year old was wearing or playong cowboys and indians with my brother until we grew out of the costumed.  But WAIT why am I reminiscin about my childhood you ask?
 Because there is a place in Korea where female adults can COME TOGETHER and revisit our childhoods by playing dress-up for the day! This past Saturday I visited the Princess Diary Cafe, a “wedding dress cafe” where women come to revel in our femininity, sip on milkshakes, smoothies, teas, or coffee and take thousands of photographs in imaginary bridal happiness.  Along with that goes the accessories all petite sizes of course like EVERYTHING in Korea.  

Along side me, a cluster of colleagues joined in to fill their fix of feeling fancy.  This was a blast even though I wasn't expecting the Korean workers to take full responsibility for slipping us into this wedding dress wonderland in the dressing room, quite an experience :). 

We snapped portraits in the picturesque cafe for about two hours getting the right angle on every frame. The fancier the dress the more expensive, you pick out a dress and pay accordingly (10,000 Won-40,000 Won) and use it for the full time of smiles, "love is in the air" poses, and beauteous admiration.   

Here are some of our experiences:


  1. Oh my, I have a huge nose in that pic! hahaha...
    So lucky to have met you this year. It's gonna be a fun time! :)

  2. Ooo lala Let's start one of these in Merica, huh?! You, Miss Hutchins, are one extremely beautiful woman of God, internally and externally. Your blog was so descriptive and simple- loved it! keep it up!
    Until we meet again,

    PS- I was a bit groggy when I woke up this AM. For a second, when I looked in the bathroom mirror, I saw a chickpea. Scary.