My Adventure!

Friday, August 2, 2013

All Inclusive Package Under One Roof!

It's an adjustment to get use to the way of life of an international teacher and an adjustment that should not go unnoticed.  All teachers regardless of location should have a passion for education, kids, learning, and a desire to be that pivotal role in a student's life to help them thrive in this 21st century world.  
But there is a certain level of reassurance in the international world of knowing you have the resources, parent/staff support, and technology to foster learning and development.  It takes the minimal budget out of the game and so far it seems to fuel the fire and keep it going for educators to keep their eye on why they are here:  to help students exhibit citizenship, communicate effectively, think creatively and reason critically, and utilize information & technology effectively. 

 So far my experience has been amazing.  There is such a range in personalities, teaching styles, and teaching experience that makes this seem like the prime opportunity to learn from in my student teaching. Eleven days until the first day school is officially in session!


  1. I have no doubt that God has sent you into the teaching world to set an example for other current and future teachers. many young teachers, such as yourself, just don't bring to table the exuberance and drive that you do. Go get 'em tiger!

  2. Thanks Steph!! I will go retrieve the tiger!

  3. I'm soo glad things are going well with you!! The school looks amazing too! Keep up the good work :) always thinking about you over there!