My Adventure!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

"Thank you"...(blank stare)..."I I mean" 감사합니다

First full day impressions: 
1) I need to learn to say: "how much?" and "where's the bathroom?"

2) Koreans are friendly and helpful 

3) Erin you are not in America any more

My first full day has been packed with exciting new experiences. I say experiences because for me it has been a world wind of realizations, language barriers, directional complications, and expressive body language as a form of communication. What is routine for the locals is an eye opening, blank stare situation for me but I love it at the same time. 

Saying "Hasta la vista, baby" to my GPS, familiar surroundings, 90% of my closet, and the American way of life all in a few days is a lot to take in, but I do love it here already.  In my first day, I have already got locked out of my 17th floor techy's paradise apartment equip with a telephone answering panel in the bathroom, tried to communicate with over 5 non-English speaking Koreans 1 of which was successful, got lost 3 times with different destinations (proud to say I eventually found my way all 3 times), purchased my first korean product all by myself (which was soap for 12,500 won, about 13 dollars), and I tried my pallet at its first testing of the Korean renowned Kimchi (which was spicy, looked like ocean worms but I was pleasantly surprised).  

To say the least I had quite an adventurous day in only a fraction of a mile radius of Pan-gyo but on my reflection I know three things for sure: God is good everyday and everyday God is good (even in Asia), I need to learn more of the basics of Korean if I want to get around at all outside of work (hand gestures and a mispronounced thank you= kamsanida 감사합니다 aren't quite quite cutting it), and I'm learning that given the opportunity I can step up to the challenge and pass, even if that includes being confident and embracing the fact that I am the minority in almost every situation. 
(The view from my room)


  1. Love that you are updating us! So proud of you but I would appreciate if you wouldn't get lost anymore! Can't wait for the next post!
    Love ya Becca

  2. Great first day Erin! Glad to have you here!

  3. It is crazy overwhelming to be the MINORITY for once! But, like I said, exploring new cultures and finding your way out of harmless situations can be a great learning experience. I'm sure God lead you to who He wants you to talk to and meet :)

    PS- What was the soap... Chanel or Gucci?!